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Short Bio

Daniela De Candia was born in Rome in 1970.

In 1996 she graduated cum laude in Humanities Studies at the “Roma Tre University “.

With her thesis “Indigo pigment, the blue gold of Thuringia” she won a scholarship at the “Ludwig Maximilian Universität” in Munich, where she still lives and works today. 

Here she studied painting at the “Zeiler Institut” and in 2008, she graduated in 

Mural Art Decoration and Color Design at the “Academy for Mural Painting” Munich.

Since then she works as a mural painter.

As a fine art artist, Daniela De Candia, has participated at several group exhibitions and art events in Germany and in Italy.

Art Exhibithions

2014 International artist competition “Aldo Tavella” with final Exhibition in Verona (Italy)

2016 International artist competition “Biennale d’Asolo” with final Exhibition (Treviso -Italy)

2017 “The Strenght of Contemporery Art” (Napels- Italy)

2017 “Colors and Fragrances” – Gallery InArte (Berlin – Germany)

2018 “Berlin Art Contest” – Gallery August 35 (Berlin- Germany)

2018 “Arte Napoli” Santa Maria del Prato (Napels -Italy)


Coming up

2019  Nominee of Premio Nazionale “Musa d’argento” (Sicily-Italy)

Art Statement

Through my art, I want to increase respect for the environment, mutual tolerance and to overcome conflicts, despite the differences that make us unique.

It fascinates me that we are about 7 billion people and yet we are all individuals. With my paintings I express the unique value of each human being by using mainly animals to represent it.

Indeed, animals often dominate the scene. They are immersed in a myriad of colors and have a symbolic meaning to allow people to project themselves into them.

I combine abstract and figurative painting techniques and use semi-transparent colors in order to create one organic piece made out of several layers.

My goal is to arouse curiosity, create a sense of mystery and surprise, so that the viewer looks twice and asks himself: “Have I seen everything, or is there anything else to discover?”

Art Critic

Life is pure sensory perception, aesthetics, moving signs that create new life, these are the works of Daniela De Candia.
The bright and skilful color palette, are that of a painter, that cleverly ranges from intense colors such as loads of red, yellow, magenta and oranges, to the precious and refined ones of celestial, cyan, violet and greens. She fabulously explores an amazing tonal range.

Dr. Nadia Celi
(art critic)

Mural Paintings

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Pompei Style “La villa di Livia”